zzz3D Printed Statues, Busts etc.

I have access to some amazing fan based 3D files that I am licenced to print and sell including Marvel, DC and Star Wars and many more.

Scales will be specified for example Busts are usually 1/8 or 1/4 scale with Statues being 1/12 or 1/6 however custom scales can be arranged.

I have purchased licences to hundreds of models and will slowly be making them available. Any models I have yet to physically print will show an offer of 10% discount for the first person who orders as I have limited space to store printed models so cannot simply print one of everything. This will be shown as either “First Print Discount” or “Please Enquire”

Details for each print will show what type of material will be used, if the model is solid or hollow and the dimensions with any other relevant information. “Please Enquire” means that I have not yet managed to adapt the files for printing to be able to provide costs etc so if you would like information simply ask.

The majority of models are made up of multiple parts, I try to keep these to a minimum while retaining the best print quality. They will require gluing together, some sanding and possible fillier as any 3D printed model kit would. I use the highest quality materials and print fine detail to ensure the models retain the original designers levels of detail and smooth surfaces.

If you wish for these models to be painted for you a separate costing can be obtained from a partner and models can be shipped direct to them.

All models are printed to order, please allow up to 14 days for dispatch.