Sovol Photon (S) / Mono Resin Vat

I purchased the Sovol resin tank as I wanted an additional resin vat so that I did not have to keep swapping the resin as I use two or three types on a regular basis.

The vat is only sold for Elegoo Mars and the Anycubic Photon / Photon S but after a quick email and a very fast response I was told that it should fit the Mono as the indents for the securing screws are elongated to fit various machines. You can see this in the below photo.

The vat is slightly smaller in width than the original Mono vat, however the plate fits perfectly without any issues as you can see from the photo.

The vat has an especially useful measuring marker in white against the black so you can see how much resin you have poured in. This is printed on so I cannot guarantee how long this will last, however its certainly better than nothing.

Unlike the Mono vat this is a nice hefty alloy, not plastic. It has two rubber covers to put over the top and bottom of the vat. These have the dual purpose of both a UV blocker, so that any resin stored in the vat will not cure, as well as protection for the FEP so that it will not get scratched when put on a surface.

The covers fit the original vat so can be used to protect the resin and FEP when that vat is not being used.

The FEP is held in place with the standard two metal ring system and was perfectly tensioned. I tested this by performing a test print using one of my standard resins and a standard print which worked perfectly well. This print covers at least 60% of the plate so caused enough suction to test the FEP.

Considering the price on Amazon UK for this vat is just £22.99 (or 2 for £42.99) compared to a standard Anycubic replacement at £35.99 this a bargain.

This certainly deserves five stars out of five as its as better than the original at two thirds of the price. Their customer service also seems measurably better than Anycubic.