4. Your Artwork

I need to receive your artwork in either a transparent .PNG file or a format that is compatible with Corel Draw such as .SVG, .AI etc.

Anything that is visible will be printed with the exception of anything that has a transparency applied, this is currently not compatible with the printing software and will not print.

I print on standard “A” size paper however due to the printer software it automatically adds the borders so the file I receive from yourself need to be 10mm smaller on each side than the “A” size paper, however you can use the entire page size and do not need to leave a border yourself:

A6 = 96mm x 138mm
A5 = 200mm x 138mm
A4 = 200mm x 287mm

Prices are as follows:

A6 = £7 + P&P
A5 = £14 + P&P
A4 = £28 +P&P

For orders of 5 x A4 there is a 5% discount not including the P&P