Water Slide Decals

High Quality Water Slide Decals

Decals can be provided on two decal papers, both have excellent properties and are clear to be used on standard painted kits or models. The white backed paper is preferred by the more technical modellers as it moulds to curves and has a slight better adherence, however the blue backed paper has the advantage of being able to see white only decals easier. I am able to provide any print on either type of paper, the choice if down to personal preference. There is no difference in cost to yourself as the customer. There is a price increase of 50p per A6 size due to additional production costs for the blue decal paper.

I offer four services when it comes to printing decals.

1. Choose from a selection of predesigned sheets of decals that are ready to print. These are all priced and can simply be ordered with P&P on top.

2. Select your logos etc. from a large library of logos, shapes and text providing me dimensions for the each set of images and quantities. These are prices based on work involved and a quote will be provided at time or request.

3. Send me your artwork to be printed. This has to be sent in specific sizes and formats, more information can be found under the relevant tab. This is the most popular option I provide. Prices are usually based on paper size unless there is a lot of work involved assisting the customer in producing the correct format.

4. Your artwork is created to your design requirements. This is priced based on your requirements. Much of this work is outsourced to my partner Rallye Slot who will provide a separate quote for the design work. Please be aware that this is based on the hourly rate of a digital artist.