Lithophanes are a way of printing photographs or images that allow light through to show the results in a unique and incredible way.
My lithophanes are printed in high resolution with quality resin and finished with a matte clear coat, unlike the many found on Etys etc. which are printed with PLA in a much lower resolution. Unfortunately this does come at a cost, however I believe this is worth the end product that makes a fantastic gift to a relative or yourself.
I will be providing multiple designs of lithophanes so they can be displayed in different ways as well as some optional lighting in the future.
Most options are standard sizes, however if you wish to have something not available then I am willing to discuss options.
I will require a digital photo from yourself in a 3:2 ratio, if you do not have this I am able to scan in physical media or help cropping and tidying available photographs as an additional service.

Available Lithophane Types

Flat with stand
Flat with top side hanging holes
Flat with top single hanging point
Heart shape